Today sucked, pretty much.

-I might be getting braces
-Turns out I only have like ten months to grow, meaning Comet = short five-ever
-I have a headache
-We sat in the waiting room at the dentists for like an hour, and they took forever to get to me
-I wasnt allowed on the computer this morning

I only got home like a half hour ago maybe.

._. On a seperate note, I got a drawing done.

In the car.

On Flipnote.

Im actually proud of myself for accomplishing this.. I think its cute, and it turned out pretty well. X3

So if you cant find anything good about it, dont say anything.. Though that hasnt happened here before xD 


Thats Rikuo there.. Gah, I have to get back into drawing Katana again DX Rikuo seems to have taken over Katanas spot, and I dont like that at all, even if Rikuo is my fursona.

School starts on the fifth.. I need to stuff some of the crap Im supposed to take into my bag.

Speaking of school. I had a dream with Zach in it. Which is unusual for me, I dont usually dream about the male species in my grade.

Oh yeah.

Im going to the summer home tomorrow, until Sunday.

But, my dad got another iPhone for non-work stuff, and he says I can use it to get internet X3

Oh.. I have to go already. .-. It doesnt feel like almost nine at night.

I almost got sick last night D: I didnt, though.. Which is good.

But yeah.. I have to go. ._. Byee.